Understand your code performance.

barebench is a web-based service to measure code runtime for embedded microcontrollers. Without special hardware.

Executed on real hardware.

Your code snippet is executed on the actual chosen microcontroller.

There is no simulation involved, which means that hardware effects such as caching and pipelining can be accurately observed.The results are precise down to the clock cycle.

Compare targets and configurations

Quickly contrast microcontrollers, compilers and their settings.

Compare how your code is performing on different target architectures. Measure the effects driven by certain hardware configurations, such as clock rates and cache settings.

Compare implementations

Did you ever wonder which code will produce more efficient assembly for your target?

Compare several implementations quickly against each other. Evaluate the performance of given libraries against your custom implementation.

Your options

We suggest you get started with the free cloud-based offer. It contains all features and you can get started immediately.

For more advanced use cases, we offer custom in-house solutions.



  • No hardware needed
  • Cloud-based
  • 2 popular STM32 Targets
  • Up to 100 benchmarks / day
  • Up to 2 configurations
  • Up to 20 data points
  • Use ARM GCC Compilers


Starting at 1890€

  • Dedicated hardware
  • Data stays in your network
  • Choose your target
  • Unlimited benchmarks
  • Full source control
  • Choose your compilers
  • Many more features

Quick and reliable results. Without any setup.

Try barebench and develop a better understanding for your code, libraries and hardware.